Most people think that rental cars can only serve a purpose during vacation or a business trip. However, you can rent cars for other uses. If you’re an adventurous spirit or an analytical thinker, you can hire rental cars to ‘life-hack’ certain situations. Read below to learn how rental cars can make your life easier.

1. Family Vacation

Many people borrow rental cars after flying into a new town for a visit, but you can also use a rental car to take a family road trip. You could drive your own car, but that option adds irreversible miles to your car. Added miles can lower your car’s value and put wear and tear on its components.

You can also hire a car to save money on fuel, especially if your own older car is not very fuel efficient. Plus, you can hire a larger and more comfortable car if you plan to take grandma and grandpa on the trip with you.

2. Beach Trip With Friends

Maybe you don’t have children, but you want to take an epic road trip with friends. You plan to camp at different beaches across Australia. Avoid the sandy mess that accumulates when you drive your own car to the beach; simply hire a car instead. Yes, you will likely have to pay a cleaning fee. However, you’re really paying for the convenience of not having to clean your own car after an unforgettably fun weekend.

3. One-Way Road Trip

Another fun use for a rental car is a one-way road trip. If you’ve always wanted to drive coast to coast but don’t necessarily want to drive back again, hire a car. You can experience the trip of your dreams without facing the reality of driving home again.

4. Test Out a Car

There are other reasons to hire a car besides taking a trip. Even if you plan to stay in town, you can hire a car before a new vehicle purchase. For example, if you want to buy a specific make and model of car but have never driven that style before, use a car rental company to test the car out.

Yes, you can take a test drive at the car dealership, but that will only last 5–10 minutes. Rent a car to more fully envision how the car will fit into your daily life. Take the car out on errands, drive it on the highway and transport family around. You’ll walk into the dealership with a better idea of what you want.

You can also use a rental before buying a car for another reason: holding out for the right car. Maybe you sold your previous car for a great deal, but you haven’t found the right car yet. Hire a car for a few weeks while you research gas mileage, safety ratings and local listings.

5. Impress a Date

Maybe you don’t plan to buy another car for a long time. You’d rather spend your hard-earned money on recreational activities or gourmet food. So you own a humble car that might look more at home in a wrecking yard than in front of your driveway. But if you have a special occasion coming up (like a school dance, a high school reunion or a first date), your old car just won’t do. Hire a car to impress your date and the people at your event. Special occasions feel more festive when you hire a luxury car for the evening.

You don’t have to go on a traditional trip to hire a car from a local company. Use these fun ideas to make events memorable or to preserve your existing car. You’ll enjoy the convenience that comes with hiring a car.

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