After finding a new place to live, selling your current residence, changing addresses and packing up an entire house or flat, you might feel like the worst is over. However, many people find that loading the moving truck is the most stressful part of the moving process.

As you try to fit every item you own into the trailer, it might feel like never-ending, high-stakes puzzle. However, if you arm yourself with the right process and information, loading the moving truck can be as simple as gathering friends for a few hours of manual labour.

The Process

If you just start matching random pieces in a puzzle, it will take a lot more time and effort to figure out where all the pieces go. When you start a puzzle, you usually put the outside pieces together before moving toward the middle. Loading the truck is the same-create a game plan that will help you see where everything will fit.

  1. Load heaviest items first: Heavy, bulky items that take up a lot of space should always go in the truck first. Load your oven, refrigerator, dryer and other heavy items first. Put these items in the front of the trailer. Secure them with straps and rope.
  2. Load longer items along the walls: Line the sides of the trailer with long, heavy items like dressers, desks, mattress, bookshelves and couches. Secure these items with straps and rope.
  3. Put boxes in the middle: Create layers of heavy, mid-sized and light boxes in the middle of the trailer cabin. Try to make the stacks as even as possible to create a flat surface. Tie down each layer with straps or ropes, and when you finish packing all the boxes, secure the entire load.
  4. Fill in the holes with miscellaneous items: After you finish loading your boxes, fill the holes with odd-shaped items like strollers, rugs, etc.

Tips and Tricks

Even with a plan, it’s helpful to know a few tricks of the trade.

  1. Prepare with the proper equipment: Before you begin, make sure you have the following items: dolly, furniture pads, packing tape, straps and tarp.
  2. Line the bottom of the trailer with a tarp: The tarp will protect your belongings from dust and dirt.
  3. Pack a few essentials in the cab: You don’t want a well-meaning helper to pack essential items away from the trailer opening. Make sure you have suitcases with essential items as well as a tool kit to help put together furniture.
  4. Set up an assembly line: Most people should carry items out to the truck, but assign a couple of people to stack and load.
  5. Disassemble items when possible: Take light bulbs out of lamps, take drawers out of filing cabinets, take apart beds, tables, dressers, etc.
  6. Fill in all available space: When you are done, the load should fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so things are less likely to shift while you drive.
  7. Use mattresses to protect fragile items: Pack pictures and mirrors upright between some mattresses, and pack the headboards and footboards in between others.
  8. Prevent drawers from falling out during the move: Dressers and desks should face the side of the trailer so drawers can’t open as you drive.
  9. Put gas-operated items on the trailer floor: Cover items like lawn mowers with a tarp and fabric sheeting.
    Drain out fluids before you go. Keep these items away from fabric.
  10. Dress for the occasion: Wear close-toed shoes and leather gloves to protect yourself.

Loading your truck doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Use the outlined process as well as these tips and tricks to make the final steps of your move simple and stress-free.

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